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Урок английского языка из цикла «Здоровый образ жизни»

Тема: «Health is the best wealth» (здоровьелучшее богатство)

  • развитие коммуникативных навыков студентов;
  • продолжение формирования положительных мотивов учения, развития интереса к изучению иностранного языка;
  • развитие познавательных способностей: обработка полученных данных, умение комментировать, делать выводы;
  • формирование навыков коллективного труда, умение самостоятельно работать;
  • развитие языковой догадки.


  • формирование навыков здорового образа жизни
  • показать молодым людям важность здорового образа жизни.


  • закрепление у студентов приобретенных знаний, сформированных умений и навыков по теме «Здоровый образ жизни»
  • развитие навыков использования усвоенного материала в новых ситуациях

Тип урока: урок коммуникативно-ориентированного обучения.
Методы: интерактивный, словесный, наглядный, практический.
Дидактические средства:

  • таблицы
  • дидактический раздаточный материал: карточки-задания;
  • компьютер, проектор

Ход урока
I. Организационный момент.

T: – Good morning, everybody! I’m very glad to see you at the lesson. How are you?
S: – I’m fine, thanks. And how are you?
T: – I’m fine too. Thank you. (2-3 students).

T: – Today we’ll speak on the topic “Health is the best wealth’’. We’ll discuss how sports, balanced diet help us to be fit, healthy and strong. We shall speak also what factors destroy people’s health. You will know something interesting and new for you. I hope that our cooperation will be important and useful for you and for me. You know that your health is in your own hands. Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: “The first wealth is health. Health is the best wealth”. These words will be a redline of today’s lesson.

T.: By the way, what words and word combinations can we use speaking about health?

  • to take care of yourself.
  • exercising
  • fast-spreading disease
  • the public health problem
  • to support an effort
  • to restore the immune system
  • physical training lesson
  • eating whole meal bread(etc)

II. Фонетическая зарядка.

T: There is a phonetic exercise that is useful to remember.
 Look at the blackboard.
It is a tongue twister which consists of two proverbs. Listen and repeat

  • The first wealth is health.
  • Health is the best wealth.

So as you see the topic of our lesson is “Health is the best wealth".

III. Речевая зарядка.

T.: Agree or disagree with my statements:
 T: Smoking is a bad habit.
 S: That is right. Smoking is a bad habit.
 T: Eating too much sweet is good for your health.
 S: That is wrong. Eating too much sweet is bad for your health.
 T: Drinking too much alcohol is a healthy habit.
 Eating low-fat food is a bad habit.
 Exercising is bad for health.
 Washing to the waist and taking a shower is a good habit.
 Eating in time is bad for health.

IV. Основная часть урока

T: I think you agree with me if a person wants to be healthy he should have health habits. I suppose it will be interesting to ask each other about their health habits. Take question lists and interview, after that Kate and Nadia combine the facts and make a report.

Task 1.
S: Say how often you do this using never, often, sometimes, and regularly, every day, once, twice, three times a (day, week, and month)
Example: I never drink alcohol.
a. eat between meals
b. smoke
c. skip breakfast
d. eat sweets
e. do morning exercises
f. go to the dentist
g. eat fruit and vegetables
h. play sport games
i. eat low fat food
j. take drugs

Task 2.
1. Is it easy or difficult for you to get up early?
2. Do you skip breakfast?
3. Is your lifestyle regular or chaotic?
4. Do you do morning exercising?
5. Why is smoking one of the bad habits?
6. What may incite cancer? (Etc)

T: You were asked some questions. Let‘s see what your attitude toward your health is. Kate, tell us about our results.
S.: According to a survey the students of our course do not take care about their health. The majorities of us skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast is bad for young people; it is easy for us to get up early; majority of us have chaotic lifestyle, some young people drink beer, smoke. But there is a good thing: all students of our course
 attend physical training lessons and a gymnasium.

V. Релаксационная пауза.

T: I see you are tired. Let’s relax.
Raise your hands when you hear words about good habits:
No smoking, no drinking,
No running, stop thinking.
Work all day, play all night,
Always love, never fight.
Come early, don’t be late,
Try to be good, don’t hate.
Eat apples, drink juice,
Never think about bad news.
T.: You see that it is not very difficult to follow healthy lifestyle. Never forget that “Health is the best wealth”. And what can help you to be healthy? Let‘s listen to Sasha.
Sports in our college.
S.: As for me, I want to tell you about sports in our college. We pay great attention to sports in the college. We have PE two times a week and we enjoy our lessons very much. The lessons are held in the gym and in the sports ground. At the lessons we run, jump and play sport games. We are crazy about volleyball and basketball. Each student in the college knows Licitsyn Andrei and Sukhanova Sveta. They are excellent runners. Valya Lepeshenkova and Vadim Sharaga are the best volleyball – players. In my opinion every person should go in for sports because it helps people to be strong and healthy. Tourism is also very popular among our students.

T: But not only sport helps us to be healthy. A balanced diet and healthy food is very important too. Let’s listen to Ann.

Our college dining- room.
S.: I d like to tell you about our college dining- room .It is known that a balanced diet is very important. The balanced diet is food that contains something from each of the three main groups of food. These groups are protein, fat and carbohydrates. You can find protein in lots of food, for example: meat, fish, nuts, cheese and milk. It helps your body to grow and to be healthy and it gives you energy. Fat gives you energy too, but we should be careful with oil, butter and some other products that contain cholesterol. Carbohydrates gave you more than 70% of your energy. Bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables contain lots of carbohydrates and it is especially useful in the South where we live. A college cook Valentina Petrovna takes care about our balanced diet. We like such dishes as borsch, salads, pancakes and tea with vitamins.

VI I. Презентация.

 T: As you have noticed there are some bad habits that destroy people’s health. What factors destroy people’s health? Let’s listen and see Vasya’s and Ann’s project. Look at the screen, please.
S. In some years we’ll be doctor’s assistants and our main task is to help people. There are some bad and harmful habits that destroy people’s health:
1. Smoking.
The process of smoking is a dry refining of tobacco during which human’s body gets:

  • Toxic gases: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide gas, hydrogen sulfide.
  • Acids: formic acid, acetic acid.
  • Nicotine, ammonia, arsenic, lead and other.

2. Drinking alcohol.
It is a disease which ruins not only your organism, but your personality too. It affects your health, first of all your liver. Beer is also alcoholic drink and the result will be the same as from wine, vodka and etc.

3. Drugs.
Most of the drugs are illegal, but some are ordinary medical substances that people use in the wrong way. Drugs can bring on confusion and frightening hallucinations and cause unbalanced emotions or more serious mental disorders.

4. Overeating.
It can be a cause of some diseases and obesity; you can change your metabolism and get a lot of problems.

5. Inactive way of life.
It means you ruin your health, your muscles don’t work, your weight becomes more and more, your sleep is bad.

6. Working on a computer, watching TV.
When you do it one or two hours it’s not bad. You can get a lot of information, it helps to do your homework etc. But when it’s too much it damages you. It’s bad for your eyes, brains, nerves system.

VIII. Подведение итогов.

T: Our time is up. I hope we have convinced each other to follow a healthy way of life. Thank you for your work.
Ix. Домашнее задание. Ответить на вопросы, используя тексты из учебника и дополнительной литературы:
When was the first AIDS case reported?
How do AIDS influence the body?
What can be done to restore the immune system?
Why is AIDS a fast spreading disease?
What is the cause of AIDS?
How does the AIDS virus pass?
Is there a cure for AIDS?
What’s the way of fighting the disease?
How can everybody help to fight AIDS?
What may incite cancer?
When is cancer predominant?
What organs does it often affect?
What are the symptoms of early gastric cancer?
What are the symptoms of the late gastric cancer?
What are the possible ways of treatment?
Are there any chances to recover?


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